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To supply a range of IT solutions to our clients to allow them to develop and grow their businesses in this ever changing world of technology and communications.

This will be implemented by supplying a range of products and services as follows. Outsourcing For the IT department who has a short term need for experienced IT staffing , or the small , medium to large corporate business that needs IT support or maintenance . We are able to outsource our skills and knowledge on a project or ad-hoc basis .

Ad-Hoc Support and Maintenance
This type of support is for the client who just requires support and/or maintenance on a reactive basis and is prepared to pay for this at standard ad-hoc rates

Support Contracts
These cost effective contracts are designed around a client’s needs whose priority is to ensure that his IT investment is running at its optimum and downtime is kept to a minimum with short response times on a proactive basis.

Head Office Branch Support
For those corporates who head offices are based outside of Cape Town (i.e Gauteng - Durban etc ) and have branches in Cape Town can now have their own IT department in Cape Town for the branch .
Support supplied either on a contract basis or AD-Hoc .

We offer a full IT Procurement service focusing on major brands like HP – Compaq – Dell – Acer – Microsoft – Samsung – Epson. Our expertise and knowledge and supplier partnerships allow us to provide you with a managed, prompt and efficient supply and delivery chain .

Software Development
We also undertake full software development using various software technologies (i.e Visual Basic , Java , Visual Interdev , MS access , .net , AJAX , Jquery, ASP , HTML) to create full real-time database access via your intranet or internet .

Network Design and installation
The client’s current needs are analyzed and based on either of the two major network operating systems, a report compiled for the client on the best solution. Once assessed by the client, they can move forward with the proposal and a project initiated for the installation of the network.

Network Cabling
This is done through supplying a managed cabling installation to a client’s needs using all the latest technologies and certifications available.

We supply a range of IT Solutions that will benefit the client by not only increasing their productivity but also profitability. Look forward to being of assistance to you in the near future and to be able to establish a working business partnership. Contact us on 0649051618.


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