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Support Charges

Below are our support rates for 2020 where we have adjusted our after hours rates and added extra support contracts .

Our Standard Ad-Hoc Rates per hour
* Standard rate (8.00 am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday) is R525.00 incvat.
* After hours
rate (After 5.00 pm and before 8.00pm.Full days weekends and public holidays) is R695.00 ex vat .
* Travelling kilometer charges where applicable are R7.50 per km inc vat.
* Remote support will be charged in fifteen minutes breaks at the relevant Ad-Hoc rate .

Monthly Contracts - Here we have four types
Contract 1 - For non-profit organisations and Schools to help them get an extra reduced rate.
A 5 hour contract with a labour rate of R 250.00 per hour being a total of R 1250.00 inc vat per month.

Contract 2 - For the micro business to help them to take advantage of a reduced rate.
A 5 hour contract with a labour rate of R 395.00 per hour being a total of R 1975.00 inc vat per month.

Contract 3 - For the small business
A 10 hour contract with a labour rate of R 355.00 per hour being a total of R 3550.00 inc vat per month.

Contract 4 - For the medium to corporate business
A 15 hour contract with a labour rate of R 320.00 per hour being a total of R 4800.00 inc vat per month.

* Contracts are charged monthly and in advance .
* Contracts are subject to a full calender months notice .
* Travelling charges included in all contracts for Cape Town and Surrounds.
Hours can be used for any support or installation issues .
* If the contracts hours are used up within the month any extra hours will be charged at the contract's hourly rate .
* Any hours left over at the end of the month will be carried forward for one month only .
* After hours on all the contracts will be at the relevant contract rate + 50%
* After hours times being after 5.00 pm and before 8.00pm weekdays . Full days weekends and public holidays.

Remote Support Contract
The remote support package consists of a monthly premium of R 750.00 inc vat which covers the remote access of your computers during the month . This will consist of unlimited remote support during the month up to half an hour per incident , thereafter the issue will be escalated to on-site support which rate will be determined by the contract rate that you are on or the standard Ad-Hoc rate.

Interested ? . Please contact us either by email or give us a call on 00649051618 to set up a meeting to discuss your requirements .


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